2016-2017 Center Doctorates



paul bennett

Paul H. Bennett defended his dissertation, “Modeling Behavior in Public Goods Experiments” Dr David M Levy chaired the committee.



Darwyyn Deyo defended her dissertation, “Law and Labor Markets: Three Essays on Individual Decision Making” Dr. Thomas Stratmann chaired the committee.



Theresa S. Finley defended her dissertation, “Essays on Religion and Institutions in European Economic History” Dr John V.C. Nye Julia Norgaard chaired the committee.


mead kling

Hannah Mead Kling defended her dissertation, “Urban Segregation: Implications for Productivity and Public Choice” Dr Garett Jones chaired the committee.



Sarah Oh defended her dissertation, “Essays in Broadband Economics” Dr. Tyler Cowen chaired the committee.



Julia Norgaard defended her dissertation, “Economics of Illicit Behaviors: Exchange in the Internet Wild West” Dr. Thomas Stratmann chaired the committee.



Megan Teague defended her dissertation, “Three Essays on Morality, Identity, and Economic Regulation” Dr. Peter J Boettke chaired the committee.


 van bergem

Rutger Van Bergem defended his dissertation, “The Micro and Macro Economics of Bad Bankruptcy” Dr Donald J. Boudreaux chaired the committee.



Joshua Wojnilower defended his dissertation, “The Supply of Credit and U.S. Economic Activity: Empirical Evidence for New Monetary Transmission Mechanisms” Dr. Thomas Stratmann chaired the committee.