The Center for Study of Public Choice
Economics Department

Thomas Stratmann

Stratmann new

Thomas Stratmann worked on several projects in public choice. He developed a field experiment analyzing the effectiveness of robocalls on voter turnout. His findings showed that contrary to previous work in this area of research, robocalls were effective in increasing voter turnout. He also continued his lab work on experimental public choice. In one of his experiments he studied whether voters are willing to incur the cost of voting to simply punish incumbents who did not keep their election promises. In another experiment, he studied whether there is evidence of "amoral" behavior when voters have a more-than-proportional vote on committees.

Using field data, Dr. Stratmann also studied the impact of interest group pressure on state regulatory behavior, analyzing Certificate of Need Laws in health care. He also had an active research agenda in the area of law and economics. He studied the effect of new technologies such as improved 911 response times due to cell phones. During the previous academic year, Dr. Stratmann published articles in areas of public choice and applied microeconomics.

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