Thomas Stratmann

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During 2021-2022, Dr. Thomas Stratmann published his work in Socio-Economic Planning Sciences and the Southern Economic Journal. Two papers were accepted for publication in the Journal of Risk and Financial Management and one paper was accepted in the Journal of Experimental Political Science.

Dr. Stratmann is working in the field of Experimental Public Choice. Here, he examines data from one of his field experiments, analyzing the determinants of voter turnout in general elections. He studies whether citizens are more likely to vote in an election when they know that their neighbors can obtain information on whether they voted in the election. In a different treatment, he studies whether citizens are more likely to vote in an election when they are told that norms, such as civic duties, should be considered in deciding whether to cast a ballot in an election.

Dr. Stratmann pursues an active research agenda at the intersection of Public Choice Theory and the field of Law and Economics. In one research project, he analyzes the benefits and losses and determinants of Certificate of Need laws. In another research project, he studies the impact of guarantees of the rules of the law and the effect of transparent tribal judiciary systems on reservations on the income of American Indians residing on these reservations.

Dr. Stratmann is one of four Editors of the European Journal of Political Economy and serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal Public Choice. Dr. Stratmann is the principal dissertation advisor on the dissertation committee of four Economics GMU Ph.D. students.



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