Faculty and Staff

  • Donald J Boudreaux

    Donald J Boudreaux


    Making economics clear and compelling to broad audiences, teaching, international trade, antitrust, law and economics, public choice

  • Bryan D Caplan

    Bryan D Caplan


    Public economics, public choice, psychology and economics, economics of the family

  • Tyler Cowen

    Tyler Cowen


    Monetary theory, financial economics, and welfare economics

  • Vincent J. Geloso

    Vincent J. Geloso

    Assistant Professor

    My research interests include: economic history, the measurement of living standards in historical perspective and political economy.

  • Timothy Groseclose

    Timothy Groseclose


    Public choice, game theory, sports economics

  • Robin D Hanson

    Robin D Hanson

    Associate Professor

    Health economics, political economy

  • Ronald A Heiner

    Ronald A Heiner


    Monetary theory, financial economics, welfare economics, game theory

  • Lisa Maria Hill Corley

    Lisa Maria Hill Corley

    Office Manager, Center for the Study of Public Choice

  • Noel D Johnson

    Noel D Johnson


    My research interests include: The historical origins of modern liberal institutions. The relationship between state capacity and economic growth. The impact of environmental shocks on institutional change and economic outcomes. Applied Econometrics with a particular emphasis on spatial data. Identification and Causality.

  • Garett Jones

    Garett Jones

    Associate Professor

    Macroeconomics, economic growth, monetary economics, economics of institutions, behavioral economics, public choice

  • Mark Koyama

    Mark Koyama

    Associate Professor

    Economic History

  • Peter T. Leeson

    Peter T. Leeson

    Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law

  • Cesar A Martinelli

    Cesar A Martinelli


    Economic theory, game theory, political economy, experimental economics

  • Natalya Naumenko

    Natalya Naumenko

    Assistant Professor

  • John V.C. Nye

    John V.C. Nye


    Economic history, new institutional economics

  • Jonathan F Schulz

    Jonathan F Schulz

    Assistant Professor

    Cultural Evolution, Economic History, Experimental and Behavioral Economics

  • Thomas Stratmann

    Thomas Stratmann

    University Professor

    Public choice, political economy, law and economics and health economics

  • Alex T Tabarrok

    Alex T Tabarrok


    Theory of voting, political economy, and empirical law and economics