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David Levy, Co-Director
David Levy, Co-Director

Summer Institute for the Preservation of the History of Economic Thought

The Summer Institute is held at the Jespon School of Leadership at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia.

The Institute offers a forum for distinguished scholars and graduate students to present work in progress or more polished papers to a lively audience.  Past speakers include Brad Bateman, Mauro Boianovsky, James Buchanan, Dave Colander, Dan Hammond, Samuel Hollander, M. Ali Khan, Anthony Laden, David Levy, Deirdre McCloskey, Steve Medema, Phil Mirowski, Leon Montes, Mary Morgan, Maria Paganelli, Malcolm Rutherford, Warren Samuels, Eric Schliesser, Gordon Tullock, Anthony Waterman, and Roy Weintraub.

We are especially interested in participation by upper level undergraduate and graduate students in economics or related disciplines.  The department of economics at George Mason and the History of Economics Society enables us to subsidize such student participation.  This year as always we welcome proposals on any topic.  The following topics are of particular interest:  Rawls and the Economists; Warren Nutter; translating economic ideas; experiments, controlled and natural; TMS at (almost) 250; welfare economics.  As in past years, the Institute will be supported by the Earhart Foundation.  Much of the support is used to recompense speakers  for their participation in the Institute.  Conference events include good coffee and continental breakfasts, lunches, as well as one or two working dinners.

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