The Center for Study of Public Choice
Economics Department


2015 Center Doctorates


Nathan Goldschlag defended his dissertation, "Investigation in the Study of Innovation and Firm Dynamics: Computational Simulations, Declining Entrepreneurship, and Natural Language Processing." Dr. Alex Tabarrok chaired his committee.


Aaron M. Honsowetz defended his dissertation, "Federal Preemption and Deregulation of the United States Telegraph Industry." Dr. John Nye chaired his committee.


David A. Ortiz-Escobar defended his dissertation, "Determinants and Mechanisms of Tariff Evasion in Latin America: Some Empirical Evidence." Dr. Thomas Stratmann chaired his committee.


David Ratliff defended his dissertation, "Institutional Effects of U.S. Military Deployments and Corporate Leadership Change." Dr. Garett Jones chaired his committee.


David Chandler Thomas defended his dissertation, "Empirical Studies of Emergency Response Services (9-1-1) and an Examination of Moral Hazard in Health Insurance." Dr. Thomas Stratmann chaired his committee.


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