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Bryan Caplan


Bryan Caplan has completed the final round of revisions of his magnum opus, The Case Against Education for Princeton University Press. The book argues that the neglected signaling model of education explains most of what goes on in classrooms around the world. Contrary to popular and academic belief, the "return to education" largely reflects rent-seeking rather than genuine creation of human capital. Dr. Caplan's book argues that government support for education largely rests not on interest-group politics, but "the political economy of Social Desirability Bias." Education sounds wonderful, even though sober calculation of its social rate of return reveals massive waste of taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, voters care far more about how policies sound than how well they actually work, making high and growing education budgets popular around the globe. The Case Against Education will be published in January 2018 by Princeton University Press.   

Dr. Caplan's next project is a non-fiction graphic novel on the social science and philosophy of immigration, tentatively titled All Roads Lead to Open Borders. This work, co-authored with famed cartoonist Zach Weinersmith of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, is already half-written. Scripts and pre-visualizations for the chapters on immigration's effects on global output, national finances, and culture and crime, are largely complete. The chapter on the political effects of immigration, merging public opinion research with public choice, is well underway. If all goes well, All Roads Lead to Open Borders will be an excellent secondary textbook for classes in labor economics, immigration, global justice, and public choice.

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