Alexander Tabarrok

Alexander Tabarrok Image

Alex Tabarrok is the director of the Center for Study of Public Choice and the Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics at the Mercatus Center.

One of his most gratifying experiences in 2019-2020 was teaching a short class on public choice and empirical methods for the inaugural class of Indian School of Public Police.  His trip to India was exciting and, in addition to teaching in Delhi, he lectured at Ramaiah University in Bangalore, India. The Center is working to further develop its connections with India and to establish formal ties with Ramaiah and George Mason University. 

COVID disrupted everything, of course, but he  threw myself into doing what he could to better the situation. Early in the crisis I was asked to talk to White House Staff and the CEA about prizes and, as discussed in my Message from the Director, that led to working with Michael Kremer and a team on incentive design for vaccines.  He also published a number of papers and op-eds addressing the crisis. 

Marginal Revolution University also continues to be very successful. It's gratifying to receive emails from students all over the world who are using the MRU materials.


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