Alexander Tabarrok

Alexander Tabarrok

Alex Tabarrok is the director of the Center for Study of Public Choice and the Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics at the Mercatus Center.

Dr. Tabarrok had a wonderful half-year sabbatical this year spending the time in Mumbai, India as a Resident Senior Fellow of the IDFC Institute. As Senior Fellow, Dr. Tabarrok participated in research on land-development issues and crime. He also gave talks throughout India, including in Delhi at the Brookings Institution-India on "The Online Education Revolution and India." His discussant for this talk was Sh. R. Subrahmanyam, India's Secretary in charge of Technical Education. Members of the Prime Minister's office and many industry leaders were also present. Dr. Tabarrok also spoke about the prospects for online education at the IDFC's Conversations series in Mumbai. In February he spoke at the worldwide meeting for the Asia Liberty Forum on issues of federalism. In addition, he was invited to give a number of guest lectures at leading universities in India including the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and the Meghnad Desai Academy Of Economics. He also spoke to industry groups such as at 91Springboard, an incubator for startups in India.

Dr. Tabarrok continued to write while in India. For example, his piece with Brandon Pizzola contributes to the literature on occupational licensing using an unusual case where an occupation, funeral director, was delicensed. Using a variety of techniques such as difference in differences, triple-difference, and synthetic control we estimate wage premiums and other effects of the delicensing. He also published a short piece in the Indian journal Pragati on tourism in India - he has since been told that this piece received a lot of attention from top policy makers in India. A selection of pieces follow.

Marginal Revolution University also continues to be very successful. It's gratifying to receive emails from students all over the world who are using the MRU materials. In India, Dr. Tabarrok also made a number of educational videos which will appear over the coming year.

He continues to write regularly at Marginal Revolution.