Yong Yoon

Yong Yoon

Yong Yoon has been continuing to work on three areas of his research agenda: increasing returns, anticommons and applying economic theory to the transformation of Japan and other nations by Western thoughts.

Dr. Yoon's paper "Buchanan on Increasing Returns and Anticommons" appears in the journal Constitutional Public Economy, 23(3). He presented "Federalism and Anticommons" (with Richard Wagner) at the Public Choice meetings in New Orleans in March 2016.

From May 22, 2017 through June 19, 2017 Dr. Yong was a visiting professor at Keio University, during which he gave a seminar at Keio Economic Society. Based on his research at Keio, he is working on a draft "Liberalism in Japan."

His working papers include "Monopsony in Anticommons," which analyzes the monopsony power of the innovators, and "Fukuzawa Yukichi: Liberalism in Japan."

From June 22, 2017 through July 13, 2017, Dr. Yoon gave four lectures on the "Political Economy of the modern Japan."