Garett Jones

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Garett Jones signed a contract for his next book with Stanford University Press, 10% Less Democracy: Why You Should Trust the Elites a Little More and the Masses a Little Less. In addition, his first book, Hive Mind: How Your Nation's IQ Matters So Much More Than Your Own, was published in Chinese. A review in Governance describes Hive Mind as "perhaps 2016's most important economics book, both for the development specialist and the general reader."

Dr. Jones also published a new coauthored article in a special issue of Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics; the paper provides experimental evidence that higher-IQ pairs of players are indeed more cooperative. An essay on recent developments in free-market alternatives to bailouts was published in a Mercatus Center volume, Rethinking Financial Regulation; and the interdisciplinary online magazine Evonomics published Jones' analysis of the vast empirical literature on how migration tends to shape institutions, titled: "Do Immigrants Import Their Economic Destiny?" The Evonomics essay generated substantial interest, including two mentions in The Financial Times.

Dr. Jones taught at George Mason's Korea campus in the Spring of 2016 and 2017, and while in Asia, he presented his newest theoretical paper, "Are the Global Benefits of Open Borders a Fallacy of Composition?" at the China Meeting of the Econometric Society and at the National University of Singapore. He also spoke in Estonia on the possibility for reform through high-skilled immigration, and wrote the article on the classic Stag Hunt game for the SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior.

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