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Garett Jones spent the year finishing the final book in his Singapore Trilogy; the book will be published by Stanford University Press in the fall of 2022. It’s entitled The Culture Transplant: How Migrants Make the Economies They Move to a Lot Like the Ones They Left. 

The first book in his trilogy, Hive Mind, was at the intersection of economics and psychology; the second, 10% Less Democracy, was at the intersection of economics and political science. The Culture Transplant is at the intersection of economics and anthropology, showing how national cultures substantially survive migration and shape the institutions and productivity of their new homes for centuries. 

In addition, Garett’s tweets about how Covid vaccine delays cost thousands of lives both helped spur an article in The Atlantic that reported public health simulations that to some degree supported his claims and also generated broader discussion on the policy failings of the vaccine rollout. Finally, his work on the merits of oligarchical central banks and on the weak evidence for big Keynesian spending multipliers continued to generate media discussion.


Media Mentions:

“What America Lost by Delaying the Vaccine Rollout,” Brendan Borrell, The Atlantic, January 2022

“The economist Garett Jones recently opined that Trump’s scuttled hopes to release a COVID-19 vaccine a few weeks earlier ‘likely would have saved at least 100,000 American lives. Could Jones be correct about the human scale of this decision?’”

“Preserve the Fed’s Independence Above All Else,” National Review, Dominic Pino, October 2021.

“A Global Tax Cartel Would Be as Bad as It Sounds,” Reason and Creators Syndicate, Veronique de Rugy, May 2022.

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