Natalya Naumenko

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Natalya Naumenko

During 2020-21, she taught three different classes: Econ-630 Mathematical Economics, Econ-309 Economic Problems and Public Policies, and Econ-340 Intro to Mathematical Economics. She is proud of Econ-309,she thinks students really learned something new in this class; satisfied with Econ-340, it's a standard class, however, she will improve the delivery next time; she needs to think how to improve Econ-630 and make it more useful for graduate students.


  • "The Political Economy of Famine: the Ukrainian Famine of 1933" (solo-authored) came out in the Journal of Economic History in March 2021

Work in progress:

  • "The Political-Economic Causes of the Soviet Great Famine, 1932–33" with Andrei Markevich and Nancy Qian was presented (among other places) at ASSA 2021 and at NBER Political Economy Spring Session ( We plan to submit it by the end of next week. 
  • "Economic consequences of the 1933 Soviet famine" (solo-authored); I'm actively updating the draft now, hope to submit it by the end of the summer
  • "Passing for a Russian: Identity Choice and the 1933 Soviet Famine" with Michael Poyker; we're working on the project now, collecting new data
  • "The consequences of peaceful nuclear explosions" with Alexei Makarin got delayed --  I couldn't collect data in the Russian archives because of the pandemic; we still hope to work on this project in the future