Tim Groseclose

Tim Groseclose Image

During the 2021-22 academic year, Tim Groseclose published one peer-reviewed article, “One-Sided Bargaining over a Finite Set of Alternatives” (Journal of Public Economic Theory, October 2021 issue).  He continued work on another paper, “The Coase Conjecture when the Monopolist and Customers have Different Discount Rates.”  And he began work with PhD student Harry Pan on a new paper, “Censorship of U.S. Movies by the Chinese Government: A Structural Econometric Model.”  His work was mentioned by several media outlets, including The HillThe Federalist, and a syndicated column of Ann Coulter. 




“One-Sided Bargaining over a Finite Set of Alternatives,” Journal of Public Economic Theory. 23 (Oct., Issue 5): 933-957. 2021.


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