Mark Koyama

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Mark Koyama's 2019-2020 was an unusual academic year for obvious reasons. In Fall 2019 he taught three classes: two sections of Econ 365: Topics in European Economic History; and one section of Econ 103: Microeconomics. He spent the first part of Spring 2020 visiting the Political Science Department at the University of Rochester, where he presented my paper (joint with Desiree Desierto) "The Political Economy of Status Competition: Sumptuary Laws in Preindustrial Europe.“ The second part of the Spring semester was, however, spent in lockdown due to Covid-19. The Public Choice Seminar had to be canceled. Numerous summer plans were also canceled, including a keynote address in Belgrade and several conferences in Europe. He is, however, giving a zoom seminar to the Quantitative History Group at The University of Hong Kong.

His is now writing a new book entitled How the World Got Rich with Jared Rubin. We have a contract with Polity Press. He also has a new working paper (with Jesus Fernandez-Villverde, Tuan-Hwee Sng, and Lin Youhong) entitled "The Fractured Land Hypothesis.” Several other new papers are in progress.  

Finally, he edited a special issue on Institutions, Culture, and Religion in Economic History for the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. He received more than 50 submissions and have already begun accepting articles. He also joined the editorial board of the Journal of Religion, Economics, and Management and continued my service on the editorial boards of ASREC and the Journal of Economic History. 

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