Mark Koyama

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Mark Koyama

May 2022 saw the publication of his new book "How the World Became Rich" (co-authored with Jared Rubin).   Several papers also appeared in print.  "Epidemic Disease and the State" is forthcoming in Public Choice.  This paper resulted from a Conference hosted at NYU in January 2021.  "Medieval Cities Through the Lens of Urban Economic They" was published in Regional Science and Urban Economics.   The Economic Impact of the Black Death" appeared in the Journal of Economic Literature.  Finally, Sea-Power with Ahmed Rahman and Tuan-Hwee Sng was published in the Journal of Historical Political Economy

He presented at the University of Pittsburgh (in-person), the University of Korea (virtually), Tulane University (in-person), and at the University of Groningen (virtually). In April 2022,he was the program chair of the annual ASREC conference which was held in Chapman and saw dozens of scholars attend and present their research.

Together with Desiree Desierto, he won a Pluralism & Exchange Grant from the Mercatus Cetner to fund our ongoing work on the political economy of premodern England.

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