The Center for Study of Public Choice, a unique research institution at George Mason University, provides a single location where eminent scholars conduct innovative research, publish their findings and conclusions in a variety of print and electronic media, and teach the science of public choice. Under the current leadership of Dr. Alex Tabarrok, the Center builds on the groundbreaking economic and political science theories for which Buchanan was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics. The center draws both visiting and resident scholars and students from all over the world. Its faculty and researchers lecture and conduct seminars locally, across the United States, and abroad. For more information see our link to About us.

Since it was founded in 1972, George Mason University has grown into a major educational force and earned a reputation as an innovative, entrepreneurial institution. Just minutes from Washington, D.C., George Mason has a growing and diverse student body and an exceptional faculty of enterprising scholars. At the center of the world's political, information, and communications networks, George Mason is the university needed by a region and a world driven by new social, economic, and technological realities.

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