Noel Johnson

Noel Johnson

In 2016 Dr. Johnson published two papers. He also presented his working paper "Negative Shocks and Mass Persecutions: Evidence from the Black Death" at Yale University and in Montreal for the Colloque CIREQ d'economie appliquee. Dr. Johnson also presented the aformentioned paper at the Economic History Society Meetings (London) and the Southern Economic Association Meetings (Washington, D.C.). He presented an additional paper "Jewish Communities and City Growth in Pre-Industrial Europe" at the Economic History Association Meetings (Denver), at Humboldt University (Berlin), and for the IOEA Summer Institute (Corsica).

Dr. Johnson was pleased to sign a contract with Cambridge University Press for his book with Mark Koyama, Persecution and Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom. The final draft was due in September 2017. He also presented parts of the book for IHS in their lunch seminar.

Dr. Johnson enjoyed being a visitor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem for two weeks where he worked with colleagues to complete a paper titled: "The Effects of Land Redistribution: Evidence from the French Revolution."

Dr. Johnson continues to be an organizer for the Washington Area Economic History Seminar. They were lucky to host talks at GMU from Joel Mokyr, Debin Ma, and Noel Maurer. He also continued to co-organize the bi-annual Economic History Workshop, which held one session in August and another in January; they were both great successes.

Finally, Dr. Johnson had a lot of fun being part of the plenary panel for the session on the "Legacy of Douglass North" at the Atlantic Economics Association Meetings in Washington, D.C.