John Nye

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John Nye holds the Frederic Bastiat Chair in Political Economy at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and is Professor of Economics. His primary research interests include European economic history, development, and new institutional economics.

His year ended up reasonably productive.  A paper of his appeared in the Economic History Review (usually considered one of the three leading economic history journals), he was interviewed for a Youtube video series, and one of his lectures in economic history on the Industrial Revolution was recorded by C-Span and broadcast as well as put up on their webpage for the American History series. He continued to teach and also advised the Philippine Central Bank via Zoom. He was invited to participate in the Northwestern University workshop on the “Rise and Decline of Laissez Faire” for the Walker Hanlon book manuscript and will be a discussant online for 2022 SIOE conference.


“Wiring China: The Impact of Telegraph Construction on Grain Market Integration in Late Imperial China, 1870-1911,” with Li Hao, and Yuanzhe Li (2021).  Economic History Review, October

Media appearances:

“We’re Measuring Inequality Wrong” with John Nye.  The Emperor’s New Clothes Ep. 044 on Youtube.

C-Span Lectures in History, American History TV.  “Economics of the Industrial Revolution.  “

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