The Center for Study of Public Choice
Economics Department

John Nye


John Nye continued his joint research with teams from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. That project has already produced a number of papers including two recent 2017 papers on prenatal testosterone (2D4D) and its effects on wages (Economics and Human Biology) and on educational achievement (appearing in Personality and Individual Differences). A different paper on "The Market for Illegal Goods in the Presence of Corruption," with Desiree Desierto of the University of Wisconsin, appeared in the Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics also in 2017.

Dr. Nye has begun a new long-term project on social mobility in Russia, joint with the Center for Institutional Studies at HSE Moscow and Greg Clark of UC Davis. Early reports on this project have been presented at the Economic History Association Meeting in 2016, the Higher School of Economics, 2017, and the 2nd International Congress of Comparative Economics, 2017.

Dr. Nye also published a short article on positional goods for Reason magazine, June 2017 that he plans to make the basis for a book on inequality and economic growth in the near future. He is also organizing a special conference in honor of Douglass North's work to be held at GMU in March 2018 with Barry Weingast of Stanford and Lee Alston of Indiana and jointly with the Mercatus Center.

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