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This year Dr. Cowen finished a new book manuscript on the economics of talent, co-authored with venture capitalist Daniel Gross. They now have a book contract with St. Martins and are working on moving toward publication.

He and Dr. Alex Tabarrok have finished work on the fifth edition of our Modern Principles: Microeconomics, and also Macroeconomics, with Worth Macmillan.  This text is not just a rehash of the other books on the market, but rather it attempts a comprehensive statement of micro and macroeconomics from a “GMU point of view.”

He has continued as the regular main economics columnist at Bloomberg Opinion, where I publish a column twice a week. Here is a full listing.  


He continued the Conversations with Tyler series, with a new podcast coming out every two weeks. Some of the recent guests have been Mark Zuckerberg, Patrick Collison, Samantha Power, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Melissa Dell, Nathan Nunn, Paul Romer, Glen Weyl, Philip Tetlock, Ross Douthat, Ezra Klein, Reid Hoffman, Daron Acemoglu, John McWhorter, and Nicholas Bloom; all well-known researchers and public figures.  This year, the series also promoted our own Garett Jones.  The series has received coverage in virtually every major media outlet and has received several million hits online, with a rapidly growing trajectory of interest.

He has also continued my directorship at Mercatus. The regular budget now exceeds $30 million.  We support numerous faculty in economics, and over 60 graduate students, making us the largest supporter of graduate students at GMU. Our various academic outreach programs bring GMU economists and economics to several hundred graduate students each year.

He also created a new program called Fast Grants at the Mercatus Center to support biomedical research directed at fighting Covid-19.  The purpose of the program is to show that rigorous, refereed grant decisions can be made in a matter of days when the institutional will is there to do so. We have so far made over 130 major grants and raised over $40 million for this endeavor; further details can be found on the website.


He has continued the daily blogging of economic and other ideas for Marginal Revolution, which is generally considered the leading economics blog. The readership remains robust. 

He has also used Marginal Revolution to promote the research being done at GMU by many other faculty members and graduate students, including Daniel Klein, Mark Koyama, Noel Johnson, David Levy, Bryan Caplan, and others.  It has become perhaps the world’s biggest “window” onto our world.

On-line education

This year saw the continuation of MRuniversity.com, a site for the online teaching of economics, in conjunction with Alex Tabarrok. It has a dozen or so classes up and running, including Development Economics, The Eurozone, Economics of the Media, The Economy of Mexico, International Economics, and International Finance, among others. 

There is a complete and finished Principles of Microeconomics class up and running, and now Principles of Macro is finished, too.  They have over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and last year 6 million unique views. One notable new class is an econometrics class, taught by Joshua Angrist, and also a new “Women in Economics” sequence, both have been very popular to date.


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