David Levy

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In spite of everything, Dr. Levy had a productive year. The documentary history of the early Virginia School that he did with Dr. Sandra Peart – Towards an Economics of Natural Equals – came out just in time to avoid the shutdown. Two conference panels on the book had to be cancelled, but it was good to get it out.  We also published an article,  “Mock Trial of Economist” put on by William Beveridge at the London School of Economics in the early 1930s. A mock trial of economists for creating “mental fog” seems entirely silly until one discovers that the hidden frame is the Soviet purge trials of the 1930s and that the cure for mental fog would later be called brainwashing.  This article was pure archival work and it suggests that William Beveridge was doing things at LSE that did not please him to reveal. It also suggests why the Beveridge Commission to review the BBC monopoly paid so much attention to its suppression to unfavored viewpoints. Ronald Coase’s involvement with the Beveridge Commission is something we document in Natural Equals.

He and Dr. Peart were asked, on very short notice, to be on a panel at the Allied Social Sciences meetings this coming January on racism and economics. We’ve been working on this for two decades so it would be a good occasion to pull things together and offer an overview.  It would also be a good time to document how the commissioned history of the economics profession did not mention eugenics.

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