Spring 2023 Wednesday Seminar Series

The Seminar Series, now over 35 years old, invites scholars from around the world to share their work in a formal lecture, which is followed by a rigorous question and answer session.

The Spring 2023 seminars will be hosted by Dr. Noel Johnson and coordinated by admin assistants Lisa Hill-Corley and Kashiff A. Thompson. All papers made available will be posted on this site for downloading. For more information, call the Center: (703) 993-2316.

In person seminars will be held from 12 - 1:15pm in Carow Hall, which is on George Mason University's Fairfax campus. A light lunch for seminar participants will be available at 11:45 am.

Virtual seminars will be held from  12 - 1:15pm over Zoom. Each presentation will be followed by an informal discussion (students welcome) from 1:15 - 2pm.  The link and password will be distributed by email.  If you haven't received the link but would like to participate please contact Kashiff A. Thompson (kthomp7@gmu.edu).  

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Spring 2023 Schedule of Speakers:


Craig Palsson, Utah State University

Presentation: Migration in the Early 20th Century Caribbean: Evidence from Dominican Residency Permits


Leticia Arroyo Abad, City University of New York - Queens College

Presentation: The Migration Roots of Development: Colonization, Human Capital, and Institutions in the Americas


Michael Clemens, George Mason University

Presentation: The effect of low-skill immigration restrictions on US firms and workers: Evidence from a randomized lottery


Alexander Lee, University of Rochester

Presentation: War, Politics, and the Birth of Modern Bureaucracy


Sam Asher, Imperial College London

Presentation: The Long-Run Development Impacts of Agricultural Productivity Gains: Evidence from Irrigation Canals in India


Andrew Young, Texas Tech University

Presentation: Revolutionary Constitutions: Are They Truly Revolutionary?


David Cuberes, Clark University

Presentation: The Effect of First Nature and Second Nature Forces on Urbanization: the case of Oklahoma (1889-2010)


 SPRING BREAK - No Seminar


Stephan Heblich, University of Toronto

Presentation: Slavery and the British Industrial Revolution


Treb Allen, Dartmouth College

Presentation: Urban Welfare: Tourism in Barcelona


 No Seminar


Louis Rouanet, Western Kentucky University

Presentation: Assignats or Death: The Politics and Dynamics of Hyperinflation in Revolutionary France


Viacheslav (Slava) Savitskiy, Harvard University 

Presentation: Innovation, the Church, and WEIRD Psychology



Allison Shertzer, University of Pittsburgh

Presentation: TBA