Donald Boudreaux

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Dr. Donald Boudreaux 

In May 2021 his book (with Randall Holcombe), The Essential James Buchanan was published (by Canada’s Fraser Institute). 

My main work – in addition to teaching and much public speaking – is a weekly column that he writes for the American Institute for Economic Research.

In November, his paper “The Case for and against a Policy of Unilateral Trade Liberalization,” was published by the Mercatus Center. 

He also did a ten-part “Ask Us Anything” video series, on Adam Smith, for the Mercatus Center. 

In the past 12 months he has had op-eds published in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist(with Douglas Irwin), and the Detroit News (with Steven Horwitz). 

The blog he writes with Dr. Russell Roberts, Café Hayek, can be found at


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