Peter T. Leeson

Peter T. Leeson

Peter T. Leeson

Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law

Peter T. Leeson is the Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law. He is author of the award-winning The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates and WTF?! An Economic Tour of the Weird. Big Think listed him among "Eight of the World's Top Young Economists." He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Formerly, Professor Leeson was a Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, a Visiting Fellow in Political Economy and Government at Harvard University, and the F.A. Hayek Fellow at the London School of Economics.

Dissertations Supervised

Mark W. Hodgins, Essays on the Economics of Cybersecurity Information (2023)

Peter K. Hazlett, Essays in Applied New Institutional Economics & Public Choice (2023)

Henry Thompson, Essays in Applied Political Economy (2022)

Louis Rouanet, Essays on the Political Economy of the French Revolution (2021)

M. Scott King, Political Economy and the Predatory State (2021)

Robert August Hardy, Rationality on the Fringes (2019)

Colin Harris, Essays on Property Rights and Governance (2018)

Joshua Pierson, The Economics of Marriage Contracts (2018)

Paola A. Suarez, Essays in the Economics of Child-bride Marriage and the Economics of Governance (2018)

Jacob W. Russ, Essays in Applied Property Rights Economics (2015)

Douglas Rogers, Organizing Crime: Towards a Theory of the Criminal Firm (2011)

Diana Weinert, An Entrepreneurial Perspective on Regulatory Change in Germany's Medieval Brewing Industry (2009)