Public Choice Outreach Conference 2023

Public Choice Outreach Conference Returns Live! 

June 9-11, 2023

What is the Public Choice Outreach Conference?
The Public Choice Outreach Conference is a compact lecture series designed as a "crash course" in Public Choice for students planning careers in academia, journalism, law, or public policy. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates are eligible to apply. Many past participants of the Outreach seminar have gone on to notable careers in academia, law and business.

What will I learn?
Students are introduced to the history and basic tools of public choice analysis, such as models of voting and elections, and models of government and legislative organization. Students also learn to apply public choice theory to a wide range of relevant issues. Finally, students will be introduced to "constitutional economics" and the economics of rule making.

Who can apply?
Graduate students and advanced undergraduates from around the world are invited to apply. Students majoring in economics, history, international studies, law, philosophy political science, psychology, public administration, religious studies, and sociology have attended past conferences. Advanced degree students with a demonstrated interest in political economy or demonstrated interest in political economy are invited to apply. Applicants unfamiliar with Public Choice and students from outside of George Mason University are especially encouraged.

What are the fees involved?
Outreach has no conference fee.

Applications are live now! To apply, please use this form: Public Choice Outreach Conference 2023 or fill out the Google Forms sign-up sheet.


If you have any questions please contact:
Lisa Hill-Corley, Outreach Conference Coordinator
MSN 1D3 - Carow Hall
George Mason University
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030 - 4444
email: lhillcor at gmu dot edu