Thomas Stratmann

Thomas Stratmann

During 2019-2020, Dr. Thomas Stratmann published papers in the Journal of Legal Studies, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and the Supreme Court Economic Review

Dr. Stratmann is also continuing his work on laboratory experimental public choice. Here, he developed a theory of strategic voting when a committee member faces a tradeoff in whether to vote truthfully or not. Dr. Stratmann then tests this theory in the laboratory. Further, he is studying the effect of hierarchies on voting decisions.

Dr. Stratmann pursues an active research agenda in the area of law and economics. Here, he studies why homicide rates in the U.S. have fallen dramatically since about 1990. His explanation focusses on technological innovations, improvements in emergency services response times, as well as the increased use of mobile phones since the 1990s. Such innovations helped to prevent homicides, largely by turning a homicide victim into a victim of aggravated assault.


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